According to Norlandia Generations Concept, a two-storey building containing supported living and service living housing arrangement, has been built in the housing fair area. This connects the preschool and nursing home into a multi-generational entity, taking advantage of several synergies created both in building but also in the service content and delivery.

All Norlandia preschools operate in accordance with the national early childhood education plan. The activities are enriched for each preschool with carefully selected themes. In the Generation concept Pikkukarhu in Tuusula, the activities are strongly built around themes that unite children and the elderly. The involvement of children, and the wishes and expectations of children and their families are bases for our activities. We all have a lifelong desire to play and learn!

Our operations are organized in a small-group-setting. The education environment was designed already during the construction phase to support the implementation of small group activities. Pedagogically, we operate according to the methods of positive pedagogy. The child’s strengths and skills are noticed, observed and documented. These very important individual characteristics of the child are taken into account in designing the yearly and weekly plans and provide the child with a meaningful play and learning environment. In all Norlandia preschools our focus is in upbringing happy creative future citizens and building on child’s natural curiosity.

Norlandia is an ISO certified company. Our entire staff participates in quality work. In addition to consistent group level quality assurance practices, day to day quality work, reporting, monitoring and development is part of the important work of all our employees.

Norlandia has been active in Finnish early childhood education for more than 25 years. Today, our 83 preschools operate in 44 municipalities across the country.