Our care services are  based on activity, security and self-determination. We believe in happy life everyday!

Combining prescool, elderly care and service living we create possibilities for interaction between generations. By doing this we prevent loneliness.

Mental disorders and adepression are growing in our society, especially when seniors are left alone at their homes and when they are isolated from society around them.

We pay attention to our customers personal needs and wishes. We support active exercise both indoors and outdoors and prepare balanced and nutritious food designed especially for the elderly. We work closely with the families of the seniors to be able to ensure the best possible life for them. This means individual and personalized services with rich in content.

We work closely with schools to create and develop new working methods. Our long experience in healthcare services brings a strong foundation to this development. Our mission is “Happy life everyday!”

ISO quality and environmental standards form a solid base for our operations and ensure that all of our services follow existing legislation, regulations as well as norms and agreements. Our  personnel is using the quality management system to develop their daily work.

Norlandia brings it´s own contribution for the needs of elderly people when building and creating new living environment for them. We focus in quality to be able to offer high standard of living and services. This is possible since we take care of creating the services and the operations for both early childhood and care services for elderly people.

Norlandia Isokarhu offers 24/7 elderly care services for seniors. We have three service units inside our care. All of them have  spacious lounge and dining areas. All our clients have Vivago personal security system and our professional personnel helps and assists our customers in all the everyday life needs to ensure happy life.

HUR gym, sauna and spa areas are available for our customers. There´s a spacious and safe yard and patio for outdoor activities and a kitchen garden, barbeque area and Lappset outdoor activity device in the courtyard. The outdoor garden is specially designed for customers with dementia

Our personnel consist of multifunctional team.

Norlandia Isokarhu´s service living consist of either one or two room apartments. We have common lounge area, sauna and HUR gym available for our customers. Our personnel is available between 7-21 every day. We offer  Vivago safety and security system for our customers. That enables 24/7 security and service for our customers also in service living unit.

Customers can bring their own furniture to the apartments to make them feel like home.

We have a common weekly and daily activity program for our customers. It is specially created for our Generations Concept. Daily indoor and outdoor activities ensure interaction between the generations.