Norlandia is a service provider, property developer and owner of kindergartens, nursing homes and patient hotels. Our mission “Good life – lifelong desire to play and learn” is realized in the services of both children and the elderly. Norlandia brings children and the elderly concretely under one roof.

Generations Together

According to Norlandia Generations Concept, a two-storey building containing elderly care and service living housing arrangement, has been built in the housing fair area. This connects the kindergarten and nursing home into a multi-generational entity, taking advantage of several synergies created both in building but also in the service content.


We offer high quality early childhood education for families moving to the Housing Fair area. Our pedagogical focus is in nature, culture, art and music in the unit called Norlandia Pikkukarhu (“Little Bear”). As always, our focus is in upbringing happy creative future citizens and building on child’s natural curiosity.


Norlandia Care offers both elderlly care and service living.

Doggy Daycare

In the center of the block, all visitors hear also some barks, as the block is home to Norlandia’s first dog daycare center. Pets can spend an active day under the guidance of professional dog care givers.

Norlandia Deli

The village’s own “café” Norlandia Deli will also be opened soon. Our nursing home and kindergarten will have its own kitchen, which utilizes the ingredients of organic and local food producers, producing meals not only for our children and seniors, but also meal boxes to make the daily lives of nearby families easier. You will be able to pick up breakfast from Norlandia Deli and in the afternoon you can also take away your family dinner!